Happy Fall Appreciation Day

Disclaimer: I just made this day up. Because it’s October. And it’s the 13th. And thirteen is my favorite number. Also, the trees are at that point of turning beautifully colorful, but like not all of them, so there’s still that mix of green and red and gold and it looks like fall and Christmas and cinnamon and sugar and beautiful and I love it, the end.

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Surprise, 25 is just a number!

I will never tire of Google acknowledging my birthday every year. It’s great. Thanks Googs.


Thanks to the bf for these lovely flowers (called hugs and kisses, how precious)…


And thank you to my co-workers who took me out for a grilled cheese and a chocolate milkshake (because I’m really just a 5-year-old at heart)…perfect lunch for a 25-year-old in denial😉

 And thank you to two of my best best friends for providing me with sooo much laughter and fun on my bday.

And even more thanks to everyone who donated to my charity: water campaign! You can still donate here!

Spread kindness and cheer, do