Surprise, 25 is just a number!

I will never tire of Google acknowledging my birthday every year. It’s great. Thanks Googs.


Thanks to the bf for these lovely flowers (called hugs and kisses, how precious)…


And thank you to my co-workers who took me out for a grilled cheese and a chocolate milkshake (because I’m really just a 5-year-old at heart)…perfect lunch for a 25-year-old in denial😉

 And thank you to two of my best best friends for providing me with sooo much laughter and fun on my bday.

And even more thanks to everyone who donated to my charity: water campaign! You can still donate here

Spread kindness and cheer, do


September is my favorite

Reasons I love September:

  • The crisp fall air
  • The fact that it’s now (kind of) socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate
  • Pumpkin everything (call me basic, whatever)
  • The colorful leaves/hearing them crunch beneath my feet
  • Apple picking!
  • My birthday! (Sept. 27 — it’s the big 2-5 this year, holy bananas)

I used to love September for the start of a new school year, but alas those days are over – womp womp.

My upset face.

The start of this September has been a bit rough. I spent a blissful 20 days having my bf home from his base but a short while ago he was off, back to the other side of the world. Cue all the tears.

“My heart is your home, wherever in the world you are – you will always have a place to stay.” – omg I’m pulling out the cheesy quotes, somebody stop meeeee

But — happier things are on the horizon and I could use a good distraction. I’m off to SAVANNAH!! I’m so excited to explore the town during this long weekend and I can’t wait to show y’all pictures.

Spread kindness and cheer (always), xo