This Is Our Village

There’s a certainย je ne sais quoi about visiting a tourist townย during the off-season. Roaming the empty streets, it feels as if the place is yours for the taking. Today, my grandma and Iย wandered around the village of Lake George for a few hours and it was wonderful.

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Britney, Brunch and Losing $: A Vegas Tale

Spent a long weekend in Vegas to ring in the big 2-5 with my best friend! Wooooo!

Exciting! But…would I go back?

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I’m just here for the peaches

Kelsey (remember herย from this post?) and I made it to SAVANNAH! It’s my first time in this charming town and, so far, I love it! Good vibes, good food and perfect weather.

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Beautiful Boston

Hey y’all! Im currently on a bus, heading back to NYC, after a quick trip to Boston to celebrate Ty’s 25th! I feel so lucky to have spent 4 years in Boston as an undergrad and I love any excuse to visit.


The first pic below was actually taken in Winthrop; a cute town by the beach and about a 20 min drive from downtown Boston. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the land of the Red Sox, I’d def consider looking at Airbnb’s in the Winthrop area. Most people think they have to get a hotel or place right in the city, but there are so many cute little towns on the outskirts that are worth checking out (and will save you money too)!




Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo