A Stranger’s Poetry

I had just finished perusing the Union Square holiday market where I, of course, spotted a dog shop and bought Rudolph a wool sweater. As I was heading to my train I saw a few folks huddled around this poet. I couldn’t help myself. Sure, I had a train to catch at Grand Central but that could wait.

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13 Gifts For Travelers

Traveling is all I ever want to be doing. To have a constant stream of flights and itineraries to keep up with is myΒ dream. Alas, the holiday season is upon us and while I’m one to advocate for donating to charitable causes overΒ buying crap for folks, I guess doing both is OK too. But even better is finding fun travel-related gifts that give back!

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Next Stop: JAPAN!

My next adventure will bring me to ASIA for the first time! Yayayay 15 hour flights wooooo! I’m counting down the days until February when I can escape the freezing NY temps and bask in theΒ Hawaii of Japan…Okinawa!Β 

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