This Is Our Village

There’s a certainΒ je ne sais quoi about visiting a tourist townΒ during the off-season. Roaming the empty streets, it feels as if the place is yours for the taking. Today, my grandma and IΒ wandered around the village of Lake George for a few hours and it was wonderful.

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A Stranger’s Poetry

I had just finished perusing the Union Square holiday market where I, of course, spotted a dog shop and bought Rudolph a wool sweater. As I was heading to my train I saw a few folks huddled around this poet. I couldn’t help myself. Sure, I had a train to catch at Grand Central but that could wait.

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The Train Wreck Trail

As I find myself reminiscing on this Wednesday I thought I’d share something pretty neat with y’all. Here are some photos from Canada’s very own Train Wreck Trail which runs along the Cheakamus River and an active train track. The wreckage includes 7 scattered train cars which now serve as platforms for impressive bike jumps and, of course, graffiti art.Β IMG_8974 IMG_8970 IMG_8963 IMG_8961 IMG_8956 IMG_8954 IMG_8949 IMG_8947 IMG_8945 says: “The Train Wreck is the debris left from a train crash in 1957 or 1958. A freight train managed to crash off the tracks at high speed a few kilometers south of what is now Function Junction. Back at a time when Whistler really was the middle of nowhere (a far cry from the luxury resort Whistler is today), it was deemed too expensive to perform a full clean up of the crash.”

If you’re ever in Whistler, BC, definitely check out this trail!

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