5 Unique Fall Destinations

The start of Autumn always evokes a certain sense of wanderlust in me.

The brilliant colors, crisp fall air, and abundance of hot chocolate warms my spirit, making me feel as though anything is possible.

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The Train Wreck Trail

As I find myself reminiscing on this Wednesday I thought I’d share something pretty neat with y’all. Here are some photos from Canada’s very own Train Wreck Trail which runs along the Cheakamus River and an active train track. The wreckage includes 7 scattered train cars which now serve as platforms for impressive bike jumps and, of course, graffiti art.

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Surviving Hitchhiking

From New York to San Francisco to Seattle to Portland to Vancouver to Whistler back to Vancouver to…Salt Spring Island!IMG_3446 I’m currently sitting in a room with a view of the water thanks to Airbnb, eating Cadbury Mini Eggs because they’re available YEAR ROUND here in Canadaland. The Canadians know what’s up.

It’s Palu!

After a few ridiculous nights out in Vancouver, I’m happy to rest up on a [super] small town island for a few days. A three hour ferry ride from Vancouver, Salt Spring has roughly just 10,000 folks living here. I’m here with Michelle, who I met through the other awesome Australians in Seattle (same group I ventured to Vancouver/Whistler to hang with); The guys went off to go camping in Banff.

My trip to “the future” via Palu’s crazy invention.

The El Loco Taco food truck here in Salt Spring was our first stop to grab a bite to eat – the fish taco was actually super delicious. We wandered around a bit and ended up meeting a quirky guy, Palu, who invented what he calls the eighth wonder of the world.” Turns out the guy is legit and even appeared on The Dragons’ Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank). He demonstrated his Solar Meditation Bow on both Michelle and I and it actually worked, creating a kaleidoscope sensation as you face the sun (eyes closed)!

Hitching in Salt Spring.

A bit more wandering led us to a small shop and a lovely woman named Anne who was kind enough to give us some recommendations of what to do while we’re here. She told us it’s really common to hitchhike around the island and that it’d probably be our best bet in terms of getting around.

So…Michelle and I gave it a go! After much laughter, many rejections and a guy who just sat in his car eating raspberries as he watched us failing, we got a ride from a fellow named Scott who was kind enough to not be a serial killer. Yay!

Definitely looking forward to exploring this island further before heading to the capital of British Columbia, Victoria.

Spread kindness and cheer, xo