Why You NEED To Eat Ice Cream and Color TODAY…

Today is August 2nd and it’s a pretty big deal.

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Britney, Brunch and Losing $: A Vegas Tale

Spent a long weekend in Vegas to ring in the big 2-5 with my best friend! Wooooo!

Exciting! But…would I go back?

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TACOS. TACOS. TACOS. Yes, this is a post about TACOS. Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Taco Tour…And it was delicious. Monica made up the taco tour last year as a part of her bday celebration since she adores tacos. Andddddd now it’s a tradition. And traditions are great. Especially when they involve food.  Continue reading “TACO TOUR 2016”

Piroshky, Piroshky

I miss Seattle and Canada so SO so much. I can’t believe it’s nearly September now – I’ve been home for about two months and I’m itching to travel again. For now, I’m working a temp job in NYC to save some more dollars for my next venture!


Joffre Lakes, Canadaland

My laptop is FINALLY back in working order so I’ve been reliving all of my travels and reminiscing on the good food I found and great friends I made.

I could totally go for a delicious Russian piroshki right about now…I found this place in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.




I had a Cherry White Chocolate piroshki…sooooo good.



I’ll be back eventually! At least I have an adventure to look forward to this week — I’m heading to Washington, DC for the long weekend [Labor Day]. I’ve been a few times, but always as a super tourist…I’m excited to head out with my friend Kelsey and get a 21+ experience of the city.

Have suggestions of food spots for me to explore in our nation’s capitol? Let me know!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo