Hostels: Top 5 Myths Debunked!

Growing up, I had never heard of a hostel. Perhaps I had seen it in writing, but I’m sure the word nerd in me figured it was just someone misspelling “hotel.”

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Seek Out Adventure

Two years ago, I quit my job and booked a one-way ticket to California. At 23, I had never been to the West Coast and was excited about my first solo travel adventure.

I needed a fresh breath of air and this trip provided so much more than that.

New experiences, friends, and memories to last a lifetime.

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Ciao, Roma

Hey, guys! I’ve been meaning to post about my time in Rome but alas I came down with some awful food poisoning that left me out of commission. Womp! BUT, my first day in Rome was fantastic!…

Ty and I went on a six-hour walking tour where we saw everything from the Pantheon to the Colosseum. Our tour guide, Tom, was great and taught us a lot about the rich history of this ancient city.

We also met Katie Dawes, the incredible gal behind The Hostel Girl blog. She also stayed at The Yellow Hostel in Rome and did an excellent review – read it here!

We also stopped by a cat sanctuary commissioned by none other than Mussolini…I know, right. But apparently, cats are honorary citizens of Rome and you’ll find them just chilling in cafes and stores.


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My overall impression of Rome: it’s super old and you really don’t need more than a couple of days to see everything. You can honestly make a day trip out of it. The Trevi Fountain was extremely touristy. But I think my visit was definitely tainted by my getting sick.

In other news, I’ve been in Paris less than 24 hours now and I’m in love and never want to leave. I cannot wait to bombard y’all with photos of everythinggg since I’ll be here for the next six days!

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Sunny Seattle

It’s been SEVEN months since I ventured to Seattle for the first time. I’d always been drawn to the city for some inexplicable reason and it was so much fun to finally get out there. I don’t think it rained once while I was there; in fact, it was always sunny and really, really hot!

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Biscuit Bitch

Well, it’s official. I’m in love with Seattle! It’s bright, sunny and warm here in the Northwest and I’m enjoying my time in this hip, cool city. Staying at a hostel has been a super fun experience so far and I recently ventured out with a group of awesome folks to a spot called BISCUIT BITCH. A short walk from Pike’s Place Market, you’ll find this small spot to be both friendly and delicious.


With items like “Easy Bitch” and “Hot Mess Bitch,” I thought it was hilarious and wonderful. One of the guys who worked there heard us asking each other what we had ordered and when I said, “The Straight Up Bitch,” he was like, “I’ve found that if you drop the ‘the’ when you say it, it sounds better.” Reminded me of this scene from The Social Network. And he was right.


My straight up bitch was absolutely covered in sausage gravy and somewhere beneath all of it was a really, really good biscuit. The food was relatively cheap too so if you’re in Seattle I’d recommend stopping here, grabbing a bitch, and heading to the waterfront. Or you can eat in and gaze upon the original bitch.

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