Fellow Introverts, There’s a Subscription Box Just for You and Me!

The Wallflower Box touts itself as “an expertly curated monthly box of activities, bath & body items, literature, apparel, accessories, and snacks to rejuvenate and unleash the power in every quietly fierce introvert.”


Hermits, rejoice! This is the subscription box for you! I received a free box from the folks who created it and I wanted to share with y’allย what was inside . . .ย  Continue reading “Fellow Introverts, There’s a Subscription Box Just for You and Me!”

The DNA Results Have Arrived and I Finally Know Who I Am!

Just over four weeks ago I sent a tube of my spit to the good folks at Ancestry to learn more about my ethnicity. While I was initially told it would take 6-8 weeks for results, it only took a month โ€“ wahoo!

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5 Things I’ve Learned Since Giving up Meat

It’s now been a little over a year since I’ve given up meat and today happens to be World Vegetarian Day! Now, some may not consider me a vegetarian because I still eat seafood…so, I guess I’m really a pescatarian. No matter the title you wanna slap on me, I’ve learned a bunch this past year. If you’re considering giving up eating your four-legged friends, please keep on reading!

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Thank You!

Today I’ve hit 125 followers. Wooo!

I started this blog close to a year ago, back when I was working at NBC Nightly News in NYC. Soon after, I quit my job (broadcast news was not for me), started temping around NYC, traveled to the West Coast for a bit, temped some more, got a tattoo, learned violin (or at leastย attempted to…), fell in love and traveled to Europe for three weeks. Oh, and ate tonsย of deliciousย food along the way.


Still figuring out my life at the moment…I hope y’all continue to follow my journeys along the way!

Spread kindness and cheer, xo