A Stranger’s Poetry

I had just finished perusing the Union Square holiday market where I, of course, spotted a dog shop and bought Rudolph a wool sweater. As I was heading to my train I saw a few folks huddled around this poet. I couldn’t help myself. Sure, I had a train to catch at Grand Central but that could wait.

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Monday’s got me feeling like…

Trying to sleep, the cotton feels rough,

I knew it’d be hard but damn–

This is tough.


Like hammers to nails,

Like wind-battered sails,

I keep shouting your name…


To no




You say it’s just miles, the months will go soon,

But time takes time, darling–

My feelings are strewn.


Like leaves to grass,

Like shattered glass,

My heart is a tremor…


Your touch


A monsoon.


Trying to sleep, the cotton feels rough.

I knew it’d be hard but damn–

Love is enough.


Like pages to books,

Like bubbling brooks,

My story is yours…


Our story


You took.



Spread kindness and cheer, xo